Upcoming events

Berchard Hall — 5:00PM March 8

Humans vz Zombies round 3

Brains braaaains brraaaaaains brains braaaaaaaaaaaa

Streets — 2:00AM March 9

Stumbling home drunk competition

You know.

This... you know, it's going to happen. Every friday, right? Alosm... almost friday again, right, so this is very... very. Uh. You know?

Yeah, you know, can I get a ride? I don't feel so good.

Fred's place — 12:00PM March 9



Nuff said.

Outside the Rock — 2:30PM March 9

Taco frying

There might be wild hungry cows on the loose.

Engineering basement — 6:00PM March 9

Flyswatter rally

You're not this desperate for human contact, are you?

If you are, come on by. We have flyswatters for everyone and every occasion, flyswatters by the bushel, flyswatters by the pound. Jolly good time.

Dark Horse — 6:00PM March 9

Wikidata Meetup

Join local Wikimedians in pointedly not discussing Wikidata.

We're getting drunk. Wikidata is fascinating and all, but it's basically just a massive buggy database. What's the point, really?

Church — 8:00AM March 10

Sara is kidnapping people and dragging them to mass.


Sofa — 10:00AM March 10


Dammit I dont wanna work mum what oh it's not monday nevermind.