Darren Shahanna


Darren Shahanna is 24, lives in his parents' basement, and is in some ways very much the cliché as an on and off gamer. Youngest of four siblings, he's a graduate student at OU working on his thesis in something or other, though in truth he would rather be gaming, and often is.

Only his sister Alexis also lives at home, and though she okayed it, their parents were somewhat annoyed at him for welcoming a random bloke into their house, until it turned out Nathan actually does pull his own weight, unlike Darren...

Darren plays Throllog Marglefist in the game world of Sarathi de.

Throllog Marglefist[edit source]

Character: Throllog Marglefist
Nickname: Throllog
Profession: Barbarian
Weapons: Chains, hammer, hands, slabs of concrete, anything he can get his hands on
Experience: Experienced
Age: Higher than he can count. Not that that is necesarily that high...
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Religion/Deity: ?
Race: Half-giant
Size: Large
Appearance: Big and ugly
Personality: ...big and ugly? Likes to smash things - does it really matter? Keep asking and he'll smash you.
Background: Previously a character in another campaign who died of unspecified causes, Throllog Margelfist was returned to commission with the realisation that characters are too much effort to create, especially when all one wants is a brute that smashes things.

Yes, once you have what, two, three children to take care of? The naming parameters of your loss don't actually matter as much as whether you can feed and care for your lumpy potato children who are trying to eat dirt off the floor and swallow loose screws and such.