Characters and Things


The Fanged

  • Peas!
    Fanged Peas
  • Ham!
    Fanged Ham
  • Muffin!
    Fanged Muffin
  • Cabbage!
    Fanged Cabbage
  • Steak!
    Fanged Steak


  • Crazy lady with an archosaur
    Yasa Nihari
  • Guy with issues
    Darren Shahanna
  • Perfectly normal gal
    Alexis Shahanna
  • Guy with a hat
    Nathan Felwood
  • Chair lady
    Rachel Lorrenz
  • Poor bastard who keeps getting smashed and whatnot
    Random Bloke
  • Guy on the other side of a wall/panel/whatever
    Disembodied Voice guy
  • That time-travelling vampire who is a walking prothole and I shouldn't even be mentioning


  • Fern!
    The Floor Fern
  • Goat!
    Fern's Goat


Giant undead flamingos
That guy who got fired on the first day
Mr. Scruffy
Mr. Not-Appearing-In-This-Comic
Anyone and anything else

What, you expected something more than a relist for the non-recurrent? Please. They didn't even deserve that.

Fanged Theme

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